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I don’t HAVE a phone
It doesn’t matter whether you have a phone or not. Your Voice-Fax-Email account can be completely independent. You get two phone numbers (one toll-free and one local) that can be your lifeline to the world.

Living without phone service can be a real handicap. But establishing phone service can be hard and expensive, especially if you’ve had a “problem” or two in the past.

Don’t worry about it. With Voice-Fax-Email service, you HAVE a phone number. Now you have a place where prospective employers can get a hold of you, even if you’re between opportunities or between residences.

You can check and listen to your messages from any touch-tone phone in the world. And when you check using your local number, it’s completely free. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a payphone, a friend’s house, or using the office phone. You have complete control and complete confidentiality.

OR, you can listen to your messages and view your faxes from almost any web browser equipped computer in the world. As long as the computer can play sounds and connect to the Internet, you’re good to go.

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I Share a Phone
Sharing a telephone with roommates or friends can be even worse than not having a phone at all. Erased answering machine messages, calls answered the “wrong” way, or the phone simply not answered, can all be huge problems. From having your boss insulted to having a date cancelled by a “helpful” buddy, letting someone else control your phone can make your life far more “interesting” than you really want it to be.

Not with VoiceFaxEmail! When you have a VoiceFaxEmail account, you’re in control. You know that your phone isn’t going to be answered “Joe’s Pizza Parlor!” when the boss calls. And you know that no one is going to “accidentally” erase your messages. Just give callers your VoiceFaxEmail number and you’re safe from these hazards.

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I Already Have a Phone
People who already have a phone (or LOTS of phones) can benefit even more from Voice-Fax-Email service. Just ask your local phone company or cell phone provider to activate Ring-No-Answer Rollover and Ring-Busy rollover, and you’re in business. Now, when you are on the line or when you can’t answer, your calls will automatically go to your Voice-Fax-Email service.

If you have several phones – whether cell phones, or regular phones – you know that getting messages in multiple places can be a REAL problem. Not with Voice-Fax-Email. Just have ALL your various phones roll over to your Voice-Fax-Email number and suddenly you only have ONE place to find all your messages.

I Don’t Have a FAX Machine
Do you think you missed the boat by not buying a fax machine? Well, you waited long enough for the Queen Mary of fax solutions. With VoiceFaxEmail, you don’t NEED a FAX machine. Your VoiceFaxEmail number will accept faxes just like that big clunky dinosaur sitting on the credenza in almost every office in the land – even better. You don’t need the fax machine, the phone line, the paper, the toner or any of that other paraphernalia. Your VoiceFaxEmail account will let you receive as many faxes as you need, from wherever, without ever worrying about your office supplies. You can read your faxes on the web from any browser-equipped computer. Print them, forward them as email attachments, or send them to a convenient fax machine at a hotel or business center – whatever you need to do.

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My FAX Machine Works Overtime
Ever miss an important fax because your fax machine is already tied up with a prior call? VoiceFaxEmail will end that problem for you. Just have your existing FAX line roll over to your VoiceFaxEmail number! That’s right – your Voice-Fax-Email account can do double duty for an existing fax line. Now, you won’t miss faxes when the machine is already busy, out of paper, or not working for “unknown” reasons.

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I Don’t Have an Email Account
Currently without an email account? Well, now you have one, with VoiceFaxEmail. You automatically get an email address based on your VoiceFaxEmail number. Make it more personal by adding the email “alias” of your choice. You can read and send email from any browser-equipped computer on the Internet. It’s hard to decide which is more vital to have these days – a phone number or an email address. Well, DON’T decide, because with VoiceFaxEmail you get it all!

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I’m Snowed Under by Email
For those who have an email account already (or maybe a dozen email accounts), you can use your Voice-Fax-Email address as a separate place for managing messages, without getting bombarded with SPAM. Use the web interface to save important messages and faxes to your computer, or forward them to other email accounts – whichever you choose.

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