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Email Service

Your Voice-Fax-Email service comes with its own web-accessible  Email address. You automatically get an address of the form YourNumber@Genie.US, and you can add any alias you want (such as jsmith@Genie.US).

All of your messages and faxes AUTOMATICALLY show up in your Email box, so you can see them and hear them from any web browser in the world. As long as the computer can play sounds, you’re ready for web-based voice messaging.

You can use your new Email address just like any other address, to send and receive mail anywhere across the World Wide Web. Or, you can leave it as a private address you use only for managing your messages.

Email Storage
Sometimes you just can't deal with your Email right away, and sometimes you need to save an Email for later reference. With VoiceFaxEmail, it's no problem.

Your VoiceFaxEmail account comes with up to 20 megabytes of storage space for your Emails.  So hang on to that sales brochure you need to print over and over.  Or keep that Voicemail that your two-year old left you while you were traveling.  With VoiceFaxEmail, it will be there when you need or want it - accessible from any web browser on the Internet. 

You can even use your VoiceFaxEmail account to handle mail received on a DIFFERENT Email account!  Just forward any and all messages you want to your VoiceFaxEmail address and you have it, anywhere on the web. 

Shared Address and Phone Book
Your VoiceFaxEmail account has its own address book, which you can also access from anywhere on the web.  It doesn't matter if you never carry a contacts list around with you, or if you accidentally left it behind at your last stop - the information will be there waiting for you in your VoiceFaxEmail account on the web.

You can also share the information between your VoiceFaxEmail Email address book and your VoiceFaxEmail phonebook for placing calls.  With the click of a mouse, you can move information from one place to the other, for complete coverage.

  • Automatically created email address
  • Select your own email alias
  • Voice Messages and Faxes automatically appear in your inbox
  • Full-Featured Email - receive, send, reply, forward and store
  • Access via web browser from anywhere on the Internet
  • Integrated Address Book and Phone Book
  • Consolidate other Email address
  • Store up to 20MB of email for later use


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