I understand and my point is the same. Patience. Don't get soo excited that you make a bad chooice.

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More than “The Basics” for a less-than-basic price!  VoiceFaxEmail brings you three services in a single, easy to use package.  For only $7.50 per month, you get an unbeatable combination of Voice Messaging, Faxing and Email services.

Voice Messaging:  Your private phone number is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The same professional way, every time – guaranteed.  You can pick up your messages whenever and wherever you want:  By phone, by web browser, or by email.

Faxing:  Send and receive faxes with no fax machine!  Why spend those extra dollars for a fax machine, when all you really need is access to a computer and a web browser?

Email:  Your own email address, which you can use all by itself or as a consolidated address for your other emails.  Access your email from any web browser, anywhere in the world.  And all of you voice and fax messages are here as well.

Just $7.50 a month connects you to the essentials of modern communication, Voice, Fax and Email.  That’s why it’s called VoiceFaxEmail – nothing more, nothing less!  




Need more than “The Essentials”? If you need the high-end features of business and professional communications at low-end prices.
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