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Fax Service

You don’t need a fax machine anymore!  Just let your VoiceFaxEmail service do the work.  Receive faxes on either your toll-free number or your local number. No extra hardware is needed!  You can even forward another number to your VoiceFaxEmail number to receive faxes.

Genie automatically  recognizes and incoming fax message stores it just like a message in your Universal Office .  She can even forward a copy to your Email account.  You can view  your faxes  on the web using your web-based Email account, or manage it over the phone – whichever you prefer.  You can send it to a fax machine for printout, view it online, Email it to someone, or forward it to another Voice-Fax-Email number.  

 VoiceFaxEmail makes faxes as easy as Email:

 Your faxes show up in your inbox as an Email attachment 
Click on the attachment and it opens like any other   document .  Just click on the fax attachment to view it 
 Forward to any Email account you wish 
 Store them for later use 
 Never a "busy" signal 
 No upkeep costs like toner 

Fax to  Anywhere! 
You get the ultimate in flexibility.  VoiceFaxEmail can deliver your faxes anywhere you wish - to your outside Email address, to a fax machine or to your web-based VoiceFaxEmail Email inbox.

Just use the standard web-browser on almost ANY internet connected computer and you're in touch.  Your faxes will be there waiting for you, if that's how you want it.  You can read them online, print them at the computer, send them to a fax machine, forward them to another VoiceFaxEmail number or send them to any other Email address anywhere in the world.  All it takes is a web browser, your VoiceFaxEmail number and your password/PIN.


  • Get all your faxes, Voicemail and Emails on one Genie Number. 
  • Access your local number free of charge. 
  • No fax machines  to buy, install, maintain or repair .
  • Use any existing fax machine, IF YOU WANT TO. 
  • Works with all versions of Windows.
  • Read print, save or forward faxes just like e-mail
  • View your faxes in your Email or send them to print on any fax machine.











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