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 Web Interface

Your Voice-Fax-Email service has the most completely integrated web interface on the planet. From any web browser, anywhere in the world, you can manage Email, listen to messages, and view and handle faxes with complete freedom.

Just sign in with your web browser from your PC, a friendís PC, or the PC at the local library and youíre ready to go. You can hear your messages, read Email, view faxes and do it all with complete integration.

Management is easy too. When you delete a message or a fax through the web interface, itís deleted from your Voice-Fax-Email service as well. No going to two separate places to handle housekeeping.

Forwarding messages and faxes is a snap too. Whether youíre sending them on to another Voice-Fax-Email user, or out to another Email address on the World Wide Web, completely smooth handling is just a mouse click away.



  • Easy-to-Use
  • Available from any web browser
  • Listen to messages via web!
  • Send/Receive faxes via the web!


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