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Privacy Overview

We recognize that you expect privacy and security for your personal and financial affairs. We understand the concern you have over our ability and dedication to safeguard the information about you that you have entrusted to us. At EasyTel, we are sensitive to the importance of these concerns. Protecting your privacy is at the core of our business. We want to serve subscribers as effectively and conveniently as possible, and such service involves making use of subscriber information. However, we also want our subscribers to be confident that their relationship with EasyTel is treated with the appropriate confidentiality. We are highly committed to safeguarding the privacy of your information and every member of the EasyTel team, from the Directors to the last employee, is dedicated to this resolve. We therefore commit to subscribers that we will take necessary steps to protect the privacy of the information shared with us. Our subscribers are protected by EasyTel's commitment to them. This commitment is outlined below in our Privacy Policy.

EasyTel Employees

EasyTel employees are informed of their responsibility to protect confidential subscriber information and are bound by this Privacy Policy. They are governed by a code of conduct that includes the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of subscribers' financial and other personal information. Only employees actively engaged in their assigned duties are authorized to access or use subscriber information.

Information Collection

Information about subscribers is accumulated from a variety of sources. Some information is provided to EasyTel directly by subscribers themselves. Other data is developed by EasyTel as a function of providing a product or service to a subscriber. Still other information is obtained from outside sources. We will limit the use and collection of information about our subscribers to that which is necessary to administer our business, provide superior service, and offer opportunities that we think will be of interest to subscribers. This means that we will use information to help us identify and mitigate potential risks or loss to EasyTel. We will use information to help identify additional products or services, which we believe subscribers, might want to know about. We will use this information only in accordance with the principles set out in this Policy.

Records Security

We will maintain and grant access to subscriber information only in accordance with EasyTel's internal security standards.


Equally important, we will strive to ensure that the information concerning our subscribers is accurate. Subscribers are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires us to notify subscribers whenever consumer reports from third parties have been used to solicit business from them. We may use such reports only for the purpose of prescreening business prospects when a subscriber or potential subscriber has authorized a consumer-reporting agency to furnish us a report, or when making a subscriber or potential subscriber an offer of credit. Subscribers are entitled to request credit reporting agencies to remove their names from lists supplied to us.

We must also notify an applicant if we decline any application made by them and have used a consumer report during the processing of the application. If this occurs, even if the report was not the basis for the decision to decline the application, we will provide the applicant with the name and address of the reporting agency. Subscribers are entitled to obtain free copies of reports from reporting agencies and have such reports corrected by the agency concerned if those reports contain inaccurate information. If we declined an application for other reasons, we will tell the applicant why or give the applicant an opportunity to request the reasons.

Sometimes, we are merely an agent for the carrier that actually provides the product. In such cases, any decision to decline an application will be made by the carrier, not by EasyTel, and the applicant's right to know whether a consumer report was used or why the application might have been declined will apply directly to the carrier, not EasyTel. In that situation, EasyTel will tell the applicant whom to contact in order to ask questions or obtain more information to ensure that the applicant's rights are protected. EasyTel intends to employ reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of our subscriber information. If we become aware of inaccuracies in our records, we will take prompt steps to make appropriate corrections.

Sharing of Subscriber Information

As part of our effort to provide subscribers with comprehensive and effective service, we use subscriber information to determine whether subscribers might want to know about certain EasyTel products and services. Even in non-fiduciary situations, to protect subscriber privacy, we will control carefully the way in which any information about subscribers is shared. Unless we have a subscriber's advance authorization to do otherwise, we will treat the subscriber's information only in the following ways:

Within EasyTel

We are permitted to share within the EasyTel organization information concerning a subscriber's account history and experiences with EasyTel. We will share any such information only with those who need to know this information in order to conduct valid subscriber business. We will not allow this information to be used elsewhere within EasyTel for any other purpose.

We may also share among the legal entities that comprise the EasyTel organization

  • Information someone has given us as part of an application for one of our products or services, or

  • Information we have received from a consumer reporting agency or other third party.

Subscribers may request us not to share this type of information by calling us toll-free at (877) EasyTel, whereupon the information will not be shared.

With Outsourced, 3rd Party Participants & 3rd Party Vendors

Sometimes specific subscriber information has to be shared with companies we hire to provide operational support, companies that participate with us in supplying products and services to subscribers, and companies that promote products and services on our behalf. EasyTel will disclose, to our subscribers, any third Party Outsource providers that we will be sharing information with. EasyTel will inform these companies that they are not permitted, except in unusual situations (where they might be governed by federal or state laws to the contrary), to use our subscriber information for purposes other than the provision of the service intended. EasyTel will do business only with companies that agree to be held to the same high standard in which we hold ourselves, regarding the use and protection of your confidential, private information.

With Consumer Reporting Agencies & Other Companies

We will exchange information about our subscribers with reputable information reporting agencies, financial institutions, and merchants, in accordance with standard industry practice, so we can verify the existence and condition of subscribers' accounts. We do not share specific personal subscriber information with independent companies for any other purpose without the subscriber's consent.

With the Government

The Bank Secrecy Act, Internal Revenue Code, Right to Financial Privacy Act, the Welfare Reform Act and various other laws and regulations require under certain circumstances, to provide certain subscriber information to government agencies. We will only disclose subscriber information to the government or others when we are required to do so by such laws, regulations, or by court order. State and federal laws impose certain mandatory disclosures of subscriber. We must comply with laws that require mandatory production or disclosure.

With 3rd Party Litigants

If you are involved in a legal proceeding, both federal and state law provide parties to the litigation the right to compel the production of records and information from third party record keepers in certain situations. We will only disclose subscriber information to third party litigants when we are required to do so by lawful judicial process or by court order.

Consolidation Providers

Please use caution when using consolidation providers. Consolidation providers are Internet sites, which offer the ability to collect all of your personal information on one site. For example, you may be encouraged to provide consolidation sites your personal finance information, such as your Online ID, Access ID, PC Password or Online Pass code for Online Banking and information access. NEVER PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO A SITE THAT YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE AND FULLY TRUST. YOU SHOULD KNOW: ALL transactions initiated by a consolidation site using access information you provide are considered to be authorized by you, whether or not you were aware of the specific transaction. You may revoke this authority only by notifying us, and we may need to block your account until we issue new access codes.

EasyTel is committed to making sure that your Online Service is safe and secure. With our own security infrastructure in place, we are confident that access to your accounts is private and secure; we are unable to provide similar assurances for other websites. While EasyTel works to protect your privacy, you also play a role in protecting your accounts. Only provide your security credentials when your browser shows a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection directly to the EasyTel website or to another site you have investigated and fully trust.

Privacy on the Internet

Subscribers may have special privacy concerns regarding EasyTel's services on the Internet. In particular, subscribers might be anxious to ensure that their information is secure, our Privacy Policy also covers such information, and that they are aware of and can control EasyTel's use of their personal information in the Internet environment.

EasyTel is equally concerned about subscriber privacy in the Internet world and is committed to its protection. Please also know that the EasyTel Privacy Policy applies in its entirety to anything consumer subscribers might do at our Web Site. Whether you are an EasyTel subscriber or just visiting us online, we safeguard the information provided to us online.